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Dec 28, 2010

World's Best Grandpa

This year for Christmas my grandpa asked for a World's Worst Grandpa shirt. I think he's under the impression the character is based on him.

Here is a photo of him from last Thanksgiving:
Pick up World's Worst Grandpa stuff and other F Minus merch at the F Minus Store.

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Dec 25, 2010

Thought That Counts

My brother, Mike, displaying his favorite Christmas gift this year. Possibly his favorite of all time.

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Dec 19, 2010

Hate Mail! This means war?

F Minus is proud to be carried by Stars and Stripes, which publishes a daily newspaper for the United States Armed Forces serving overseas. I've had a great response from soldiers serving in Iraq and around the world (including an email from a soldier in Germany also named Tony Carrillo).

However, today I received a very different email. As always, the grammar and spelling is exactly as I received it.


I really wish the Stars and Stripes newspaper would stop wasting space in the comics with your F Minus strip (exactly the rating I give your effort).
Do you really get paid for these elementry drawings and non-comic crap?
Quit wasting the worlds comic strip space.
Find something your good at.....

To be fair, I don't have any proof that this guy is one of our men in uniform. I'm sure anyone can get a hold of this paper. For all we know this guy could be living in a shack somewhere in the woods, using Stars and Stripes to make himself a paper-mâché cocoon. This theory is supported by his "elementry" grasp of the English language (I love the incorrect use of "your" in that particular sentence), but countered by the fact that he has electricity.

This email has the two standard traits of F Minus hate mail; the aforementioned poor spelling, and using the name F Minus against me. Overall, it's pretty typical of the hate mail I receive.

Nevertheless, I'm reluctant to respond in this case. Mainly because no one in this world scares me more than guys living in cocoons made of military newspapers and pee.

Click here for more F Minus Hate Mail

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Oct 29, 2010

Super Sketching

I've been doing a lot of charcoal drawings lately, and today I got to spend the afternoon drawing people dressed as superheros at an open session at Mesa Community College, courtesy of the Arizona Avengers.

Above are some of my ten-minute sketches. The hand-made Iron Man costume was especially impressive, and even had the glowing eyes and chest-piece. He had some trouble with steps though... I guess the rocket boots weren't working.

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Oct 3, 2010


Now that the good people at Pop-Tarts have started printing "edible" advertisements on the frosting, I think it's time they officially changed their name to Pop-Ups. Then I can install a pop-up blocker on my toaster, to make sure only Toaster Strudel makes it through.

While we are on the subject, my method of eating Pop-Tarts is to break off and eat the unfrosted edges first, then the frosted edges, and finally the middle. It's been my MO since I was a kid. Now I eat them upside down so I don't have to read about Nascar.

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Sep 30, 2010

F Minus Recall

To those who have seen today's comic, I share an important email I received this morning:

Today's cartoon shows a pickup truck with a dinosaur fossil taped to the hood..
You should know, and advise your readership, that removal of artifacts from govermental and/or private land is against the law (a felony).
(Name Omitted)"

I encourage anyone who removed artifacts from governmental and/or private land as a result of reading this comic immediately turn yourself in to local authorities for prosecution. To set a proper example, I will be turning in the many skulls I have acquired as soon as Halloween is over.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Aug 25, 2010

Grocery Store Adventures

I need a better camera for when I go to the grocery store.
Looking for a product that will help you clear up some time in your busy schedule? Try the Banana Slicer. It will save you seconds, literally seconds, every year.

At first I thought the brand was Hustler.

Here we see the Grab-a-Bubble, a fun bubble toy for kids, hanging next to a... what is that? A bedazzled cigarette lighter? Not only that, it's been marked down to allowance-level prices.

This one's hard to read, I know. The outside of the greeting card says, "I'd like it better if you were better" and the inside says, "Way better!" A sugary sweet get-well card, right? Now imagine giving it to a perfectly healthy employee or significant other.

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Aug 16, 2010


My friends are such nerds.

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Aug 10, 2010

Featured Item: F Minus Logo

Just in time for the back-to-school season, get the F Minus logo on an item of your choice for that teacher, disappointing student, or inattentive parent in your life. Choose from mugs, shirts, totes, and more. Bad report card? Stick it on the fridge with your F Minus magnet! Check out the F Minus Store for all options.

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Jul 21, 2010


I took some time to answer some Frequently Asked Questions over at the new F Minus website.

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Jul 19, 2010

Featured Item: Warning

Better safe than sorry. Wear the shirt that makes sure everyone knows what you've got going on under there. I can't tell you how many awkward situations this shirt has helped me avoid. And by 'awkward situations', I mean 'jobs'.
Click on the shirt above for all Warning products, and find more at the F Minus store.

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Jul 13, 2010

Featured Item: America Cat

Finally, an image that embiggens all that is America. America Cat was almost the official symbol of our nation, and in our hearts, it still is. Click on the shirt above for all America Cat products, and find more at the F Minus store.

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Jul 11, 2010

F Minus Gift Store

The F Minus website has been updated and now includes the new and improved F Minus store, featuring new items with your favorite F Minus Pals, including the World's Worst Grandpa, Creepy Old Hobo, and more!

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Jul 1, 2010

New Times Blog

Check out this blog from the New Times called Jackalope Ranch. I was interviewed as part of their 100 creatives series. I'm number 72. That might be the highest I've ever been on any list.

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Jun 30, 2010

I've been clowned.

Please notify authorities if you have any information.

I do have one suspect...

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You make the call

I recently got a complaint email from someone (i.e. old person) suggesting that my lettering is too small and difficult to read. I have received several comments on my lettering over the years, both positive and negative. So I'll ask you: Is the F Minus lettering too small or are old people's eyes too old?

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Jun 22, 2010

I gotta get back to the gym...

How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight?

Created by Oatmeal

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Um... deny.

Could you be... the most beautiful Fred in the world... could you be?

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May 30, 2010

Well, I didn't win.

But don't worry, I'm not too broken up about it. I had a great time hanging out in New York all week.
The view from the hotel in Jersey City. New Yorkers say, "The best thing about New Jersey is the view of New York." New Jerseyans say, "F#@& off!"
Hanging out with Scott Hilburn and Dave Blazek.
They spelled my name wrong on the sign. Again.
Sat next to Stephan Pastis at the unlucky table.
Tom Gammill hosted the event and gave the best Reubens show I've ever seen. Granted, this was only my second, but believe me, it was great.
This is the statue outside the hotel; a man getting stabbed in the back. I think it's the official emblem of NJ.

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May 27, 2010

Reuben Awards Day 1

Looking out my window at New York City across the Hudson river. I'm here for the Reuben Awards, the annual National Cartoonists Society weekend. It's my one chance to talk to other people that draw cartoons for a living, and talk excitedly about things like... pens.
Ran into Stephan Pastis as I arrived at the hotel. He pointed out a statue of a man getting stabbed in the back. New Jersey!

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Apr 17, 2010

Happy F Minus Day!

F Minus began national syndication 4 years ago today! Thank you to all my great readers, and the newspapers that have supported F Minus. So how will you celebrate F Minus Day? Email me and I will select one answer at random to receive an F Minus prize!
Happy F Minus Day!

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Apr 6, 2010

Tony Updates His Status

My column has been up and running since the start of the year. Read a new column every month in the Times Publications, a free-distribution newspaper here in Arizona. Check out the last few columns here: January February March

Also, become a fan of Tony Updates His Status on Facebook to get updates.

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Apr 1, 2010

Mar 27, 2010

Saddest Reporter Ever

I'm calling out Bill Weir of "Good Morning America" who claimed to have found the "saddest book ever written" today. Can you guess what book it was?
Now I'm questioning everything Bill Weir has ever said or done. Even that perfect tan might be fake.
Thanks to Tracy for catching this.

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Mar 22, 2010

Saddest Book Ever

I was browsing in a bookstore when I came across this downer. I couldn't stop laughing. This might be the most depressing book I have ever seen. I was going to buy it, but I thought some sad old lady might need to buy it.
But I have to wonder, is all that food for her? They should re-title it, Cooking for the Family in Your Head.

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Mar 18, 2010

F Minus nominated for NCS award

It was announced today that F Minus has been nominated for a National Cartoonists Society division award: newspaper panel. So it looks like I'm going to New Jersey in May. I've never been, but I hear great things. Did you know it's the "Garden State"?

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Mar 1, 2010

Musical Hate

This comic from back in 2006 stirred up some hate mail from band nerds around the country. Here are two great ones. I can't find my responses, but I highlighted my favorite parts in bold:

I am usually not offended easily, however your strip on 11/06 really bothered me. As music educators we must justify our music program day in and out. I must deal with teachers, parents, administration and coaches that believe music is not important . And if a child is not physically adept, put him in the marching band.

In our district- the Marching Band is considered a Fall Varsity Sport. The football team has not made finals in years. However both marching bands in our district have consistently placed in the top three in our division in the last 10 years. We are the most "winningest" team in the district and we are very proud. ( as well as our Athletic director and coaches.) The coaches in our district tell their team members that we should practice like the marching band. We work hard and quite frankly your strip sends out the wrong message to kids, to everybody and encourages the stereotype about musicians that we must fight on a daily basis.

If the stereotype about band nerds is that they are nerds, then this letter does not help his cause. But I like the next one even more...

The disgusting cartoon of Nov. 6 about the boy not throwing the football well, and the father saying "Let's go find an instrument." is one the most repugnant, demeaning, stereotypic "jock" mentality images that has been perpetuated over the eons, that I can ever recall. It is shameful to publish that ludicrous perception. The cartoon itself lacks substance, which underlines the superficiality of the ideas it purports. It is in the beer party around athletic events level of mentality. I am recommending it be replaced with something that is close to funny and with some substance. I am recommending that the Music Educators National Conference censure you in some fashion. Be ashamed.

I had to bold the last two sentences because they are so great. I never heard from the MENC, and this was several years ago. I'd probably get some sort of notice in the mail if I had been censured, but perhaps not. Maybe if I ever apply to teach music somewhere, a siren will go off and I'll be arrested.

The reason I bring this up is because I just got a letter about this comic:
It was a very complimentary letter from a gentleman requesting permission to display the comic in a briefing. The letter was from a Band Officer in the Army who oversees all Army Bands in Iraq! Apparently, if you play an instrument and you are NOT a dork, you join the Army Band. Permission granted, Sir.

By the way, I played the saxophone in my high school marching band. My uniform looked very much like the one in the comic. I wish I still had that hat.

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Jan 27, 2010

Lost in the Deseret

Apparently F Minus was dropped from the Deseret News, and the backlash has been evident. An angry reader even started a Facebook group called Bring F Minus back to the Deseret News. If your paper drops or moves F Minus, let me know, write the editor, blog about it, and throw a tantrum.

However, if your local paper is carrying F Minus, write them a pleasant little note thanking them for their good judgment. Maybe even send a little treat. Everyone loves snickerdoodles.

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Jan 8, 2010


Attention young adults! Tomorrow is YAllapalooza at Changing Hands. Come by and meet a bunch of authors. I've been allowed the tentative "author" label for the day, even though my book is mostly pictures.

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Hate Mail Quickie

Dear Tony,
As an avid comic reader I think I have to give F minus an F minus. The jokes lack punchline set up and humor.

-Phillip Weiner

Dear Phillip,
Hehehe... Weiner...
-Tony Carrillo

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Jan 6, 2010

Column Debut

My new monthly column debuts today in the Times Publications, a free-distribution newspaper here in Arizona. Pick up a copy today! Once it goes online, I'll post a link.

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