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Jan 9, 2013

F Minus: The First Ten Years

 A decade-old F Minus

This month marks the ten year anniversary of the very first appearance of F Minus in The State Press, the student newspaper at Arizona State University. Ten!

It was a very different world back in 2003. We didn't have the fancy iPhones or Facebook you kids enjoy today. We had Myspace. And our cell phones had real buttons! It was miserable.

But there were some bright points. Eminem taught us to lose ourselves in the music. Jennifer Aniston took home a hard-earned Golden Globe for her work in the hit TV series Friends. I started wearing aviator sunglasses like my hero Jack Bauer. North Korea formally withdrew from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. (They were jerks anyway.)

 Pictured above: Aviators

Thanks to all the F Minus fans who have been around since the very beginning. Some of you may still have your F Minus Fan Club laminated ID cards, or a copy of my self-published comic book. Someday those things are going to be real collector's items. I know, I say that every decade.

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