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Dec 19, 2010

Hate Mail! This means war?

F Minus is proud to be carried by Stars and Stripes, which publishes a daily newspaper for the United States Armed Forces serving overseas. I've had a great response from soldiers serving in Iraq and around the world (including an email from a soldier in Germany also named Tony Carrillo).

However, today I received a very different email. As always, the grammar and spelling is exactly as I received it.


I really wish the Stars and Stripes newspaper would stop wasting space in the comics with your F Minus strip (exactly the rating I give your effort).
Do you really get paid for these elementry drawings and non-comic crap?
Quit wasting the worlds comic strip space.
Find something your good at.....

To be fair, I don't have any proof that this guy is one of our men in uniform. I'm sure anyone can get a hold of this paper. For all we know this guy could be living in a shack somewhere in the woods, using Stars and Stripes to make himself a paper-mâché cocoon. This theory is supported by his "elementry" grasp of the English language (I love the incorrect use of "your" in that particular sentence), but countered by the fact that he has electricity.

This email has the two standard traits of F Minus hate mail; the aforementioned poor spelling, and using the name F Minus against me. Overall, it's pretty typical of the hate mail I receive.

Nevertheless, I'm reluctant to respond in this case. Mainly because no one in this world scares me more than guys living in cocoons made of military newspapers and pee.

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Unreliable Narrator said...

I love that even your response to hate mail makes me laugh out loud! Comic genius!!!

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