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Oct 29, 2010

Super Sketching

I've been doing a lot of charcoal drawings lately, and today I got to spend the afternoon drawing people dressed as superheros at an open session at Mesa Community College, courtesy of the Arizona Avengers.

Above are some of my ten-minute sketches. The hand-made Iron Man costume was especially impressive, and even had the glowing eyes and chest-piece. He had some trouble with steps though... I guess the rocket boots weren't working.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome sketches Tony!

pheadjack said...

great sketches. solid, clean, just enough detail.
I really like the Iron Man sketch, but I'm a shellhead nut so go figure. I built an Iron Man suit for my Halloween costume this year. Took me since April.
been wanting to wear that suit since I was 10; ...30+ years ago (yeah, I know, a little old for that much excitement about a Halloween costume) You gotta admit though, Iron Man is just too cool.

Love to show you a pic of it.