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Mar 27, 2010

Saddest Reporter Ever

I'm calling out Bill Weir of "Good Morning America" who claimed to have found the "saddest book ever written" today. Can you guess what book it was?
Now I'm questioning everything Bill Weir has ever said or done. Even that perfect tan might be fake.
Thanks to Tracy for catching this.

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shirley elizabeth said...

Oh I'm 100% certain he came up with it all on his own. "I was browsing amazon the other day..."

So the link led me to Tracy on FB and you had commented on the video. We have five friends in common. Including my sister-in-law.
Facebook is cool in that way.

Also, on your page, take a comma out of one of your links so it will work.

Tracy V (Smith) Grant said...

You're welcome, Tony! You deserve all the credit for this phenomenon! Thank you so very much for bringing my Mom's book to the attention of so many people who never would have seen it otherwise.

Antonio said...

I guess Bill Weir is an F-minus fan, but doesn't like to spread the F Word, but instead takes credit for your idea. Now that is sad!

toeknee who said...

that's no surprise. you really think news reporters think for them self? hell no, they are just a bunch of douchbags. can you tell we hate the media...