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Apr 17, 2010

Happy F Minus Day!

F Minus began national syndication 4 years ago today! Thank you to all my great readers, and the newspapers that have supported F Minus. So how will you celebrate F Minus Day? Email me and I will select one answer at random to receive an F Minus prize!
Happy F Minus Day!

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Kirk said...

Given today's strip, I shall certainly be avoiding poor singing and live tigers. Congratulations, Tony, F Minus is a fantastic strip!

Lucky said...

You referred to us in your newsletter as "F'ers". So if my mom likes F Minus too, does that make her a Mother F'er?

toeknee who said...

thanks for the great comic and happy f minus day to you too. to celebrate we will only do things that start with the letter f. eating french fries, playing the flute, f#cking all day, ect...
freaking fun filled for freedom fighters from far far farms ffffffffffffffffffffff...

Admiral Hestorb said...

Happy belated F Minus Day.

I regret that I am forced to use the cat's blog to wish this for you. I myself have no Blogspot account...she does. :-)

Zemien said...

Happy 4th!

But where's the World's Worst Grandpa in your family portrait? He's my favourite!