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Aug 18, 2007

Friend O' Feminists

Check out this blog that identifies F Minus as a feminist ally. This is great news considering I've been labeled sexist against BOTH genders at one time or another. I don't discriminate based on sex, race, or religion. The truth is, jerks come in all kinds. (note: I think this blog is positive towards F Minus. It's a little hard to tell. What do you think?)

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Aug 14, 2007

F Minus Weekly Roundup: August

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8-1: I've never really understood the purpose of
saloon-style doors. They don't keep out bugs or the weather. You can lock them, but then people can just crawl right underneath. I guess if you need to toss somebody out, they are convenient because you don't have to open them. But again, why have doors at all? Somebody figure this out for me.

8-3: I've had this idea in my sketchbook for a long time, but for some reason I never felt like drawing it up. But I'm glad I did, it got some good feedback. The hard part was thinking up different small businesses.

8-4: Someone down my street got TP'd recently but they only got hit by two or three rolls. Seems pretty lazy. It inspired this comic. It's been a long time since I've gone TPing. Too long.

8-6: I think I might be the first person to put full-frontal male nudity in a newspaper comic strip, and nobody complained. Of course, I have no way to prove this.

8-7: My brother is learning to play the banjo. So that's where this came from.

8-9: Sometimes a comic looks exactly as I picture it in my mind, and this comic is one of those times. Something about they way the kids are sitting turned out just the way I hoped it would.

8-10: I feel like this should have already happened to someone in real life and shown up on Youtube by now. But it hasn't. I checked.

8-11: I haven't even thought about what the security guard was actually up to. "Watering the plant"?

8-12: Happy birthday Dad!

8-13: I love drawing swords, arrows, and armor. I think I'll start another comic that takes place in medieval times.

8-14: The guy holding the ice cream cones was going to be named Justin, but after I drew him I thought that he looked like my best friend in elementary school, Dustin. Dustin and I were an unstoppable force when playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time for Super Nintendo. He also had a three-legged dog. Ha!

8-15: I got several emails from people that really liked this comic. I should do more "bad parent" comics. There are too many good parents in the comic pages.

8-17: Some people were confused by this comic, and others really liked it. Luckily, we live in a country where both groups are tolerated.

8-18: I had to look up succinct. My friend Liz won a spelling bee in high school, and then they spelled her name wrong on the marquee announcing her win.

8-19: The truth: I don't like roller coasters; I kinda like the dentist. Fun fact: Every time I go to the dentist, I hear Kissed By a Rose, by Seal. Every time.

8-20: The truth: I worked as a costume character for seasonal events. I have been a chipmunk, monkey, frog, duck, and I was punched in the head while wearing the bear suit. That's an experience.

8-21: The dude on drums is wearing a Stone Groove shirt, which is a band in Arizona that I just happened to find performing on Mill avenue one night. They rock.

8-24: I like drawing people dancing, because everyone looks ridiculous dancing, unless you are a very attractive girl. And even then, it's still a little strange.

8-26: All I want to say is that stained glass window took a LONG time to color, thank you very much. The nun took about two seconds.

8-28: This was like four comics in one. I should have come up with a few more and made it a week-long series. Oh well, live and learn.

8-30: Can anyone really die of an unnatural cause? Something to think about.

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Aug 3, 2007


If you haven't joined the F Minus Fan Club yet, you missed out on a chance to win an F Minus ink stamp. But that's okay, because you still have time to join before the next contest, coming up soon.

If you have joined but you didn't hear about this contest, re-send us your current email address.

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F Minus Weekly Roundup: July

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Okay, I haven't done the roundup in a while, so here's a quick overview of the last month or so:

  • July 10th: I brought back the Business Raccoon from a previous comic. I just like his style. Now we find him in a social situation. And apparently he's in a relationship.
  • July 12th: Hate Mail! Here's the letter I got on this one:
    "The cartoon with the two bears, one of them with a leg in a steel-hold trap, is highly offensive to those of us who champion animal rights and abhor the use of such barbaric, horrific contraptions."

    What can I say? I don't like them either. If there is anyone out there who decided that steel-hold traps are a GOOD thing because of this comic, please seek psychiatric help immediately.
  • July 15th: There was some confusion on this one. The chimp is NOT SMOKING! He's just playing with matches. Lots of people thought he was smoking. My Nana thought he was smoking pot, specifically.
  • July 18th: Is it clear that it's an ear he's holding? I wasn't sure. I made it a little bigger than normal to clarify things. I always enjoyed drawing ears in school.
  • July 21st: This calculator comic was inspired by the movie Terminator 2, Judgment Day, which I recently watched again. It has been a favorite of mine for years. Here's a classic exchange:
    Lewis, the Guard: Hey Gwen, you want some coffee?
    Gwen: No thanks. How 'bout a beer?
    Lewis: Yeah, right. Hey, I got a full house!
    Gwen: That's good Lewis.
    Lewis: Must be my lucky day...
    (the T-1000 impales his head)

  • July 23rd: Hate Mail! The Manners Competition comic incited some discussion in the editorial page of my local paper. Someone said it was "disgusting". Once again, I am in complete agreement with my enemies. The next day, a few people wrote in to defend me. Thanks, guys! I'm just glad Paris Hilton didn't get arrested that day, or I never would have been a topic.

  • July 24th: My mom did NOT think this was funny.

  • July 26th: My girlfriend has some sandals with little bows on them, and that got me thinking.

  • July 30th: This was another one I was a little worried about. Is it clear that those are those cut-out things you stick your head through for photos? Also someone thought this was a gay couple. The person with the camera is supposed to be a woman. Sigh.

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