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Jan 27, 2010

Lost in the Deseret

Apparently F Minus was dropped from the Deseret News, and the backlash has been evident. An angry reader even started a Facebook group called Bring F Minus back to the Deseret News. If your paper drops or moves F Minus, let me know, write the editor, blog about it, and throw a tantrum.

However, if your local paper is carrying F Minus, write them a pleasant little note thanking them for their good judgment. Maybe even send a little treat. Everyone loves snickerdoodles.

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PN said...

I'm a Sunday-only subscriber to the Deseret News. They've been spelling your name wrong ("Carillo") for months and wouldn't correct it; now they drop you entirely. I wrote an email to the feature editor and I'll keep emailing them to express my immense displeasure.

Anonymous said...

You're RIGHT!! everyone DOES love snickerdoodles!!!

Chris said...

I'm the angry reader by the way.

F minus gets an A on the comic curve said...

The comic that replaced you is the worst comic in the history of western civilization. And I'm being modest. Actually, every other comic is just piss poor when compared to F minus. I shall email my disgust to the editor at once.