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May 27, 2009

I knew it should have been a burrito...

I really thought the hands-free burger device was golden, but it's only getting three and a half stars. I have a love-hate relationship with this rating system. I think I'm going to try to ignore it for a few weeks. If I don't, I fear it will soon drive me mad. Mad I tell you!

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Fight or Flight of the Conchords

I saw Flight of the Conchords in concert last week (Thanks again Cam!) and they were great. Very funny. It rekindled my interest in trying stand-up comedy.
However, when I waited at the not-so-secret-anymore exit where the performers come out afterward (yes, I enjoy meeting famous people), they ditched me and some other nerdy fans and went out another exit. What's the deal, FotC? Too good for your fans? I met Elvis Costello with my brother at that same exit. He was a cool guy. Linz and I met Fiona Apple there too. Despite her angst, she was very nice.
Just a little Wednesday complainin'!

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May 25, 2009

Conspiracy Mail!

My friends, you all know that I post the strange mail I receive here for you to enjoy. Hate mail, crazy mail... mail about how I can't draw frogs.  But today I got an email that is crazy, threatening... just plain bizarre.  It may require a new category; conspiracy mail! Here it is, copy/pasted word for word (including an image of what I imagine he looks like). I promise this is a real email I got just this morning: 

General response to your daily cartoons
It is quite clear that you are taking a dangerous and painful situation that is orchestrated by a domestic extremist group and making a
 mockery of the painful ordeal. You are making a joke of an ordeal that is creating extreme distress on the part of one victim. The cartoons are full of symbolism that is connected to a one time group that has had the status of a covert SAP program that is now being investigated by the FBI. Many of the people in the domestic network have been arrested; arrests are ongoing. It appears that you have "inside" information of this domestic network and that you are a supporter or participant of this group that has used intimidation, violent coercion, and the use of remote weapons to torture innocent individuals for more than two years.
I must inform you that you will be the subject of a major lawsuit when this ordeal ends and is made public. The cartoons have been collected for the past two years to be used in a legal pursuit against you and the syndication that supports your cartoons. The courts will determine if freedom of speech includes the right to use such symbolism to ridicule, to humiliate, and to create profound distress. 

So... crazy, right?  More crazy than the normal brand of crazy I'm used to.  Of course, it wasn't signed, but I searched for his email online and found out he's a sales representative for a company that makes office chairs.  You know what that means... he's a spy!  
So I guess that's it for me, guys.  They're finally going to put me away for illegal... extreme... uh, violent... cartooning.  

By the way, if you zoom in on the page the monkey is reading in today's comic, it says: How to Overthrow the Government on Five Dollars a Day by Tony Carrillo 

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May 20, 2009

Nagamaki Time!

Two weeks ago my awesome cousin Brett got me this sweet Nagamaki sword. The action shot above captured the moment before I split that grapefruit cleanly in half. I think you know what this means... It's time for a follow-up to my popular video Sledge Time!
Any suggestions for what needs to be Nagamaki'd?

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Good news! Comics.com has introduced a widget that allows you to post F Minus on your blog, networking sites, iGoogle, etc. Just select the size widget you want, choose a comic... ;D ... and post it wherever you need it! I posted a small one on the right-->

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Ready, set... sweep!

Does anyone remember a little show called Battlebots? Simply put, it was a tournament of homemade lawnmower-sized remote controlled robots battling to the death, coupled with witty commentary and scientific information provided by Bill Nye the science guy. Yes, it was the greatest show ever, and I have no idea why it was cancelled.
In any case, it just fed my love for robots and robot-based competition.

That's why when I recently received a Roomba, I felt the need to test his floor cleaning skills against my other robot, Robosapien, in a no-holds-barred floor-cleaning competition to the death. In the end, Roomba swept circles around Robosapien in no time. While Roomba quickly and effectively cleaned the floor with a cheery disposition, Robosapien just pushed the dirt back and forth pathetically. Granted, floor cleaning is Roomba's primary function, so it wasn't really a surprise. However, I must give Robosapien a few extra points, because it's somehow more satisfying to watch a little human-shaped robot doing your chores than an oversized hockey puck. I guess what the world is waiting for is a bot with the effectiveness of a Roomba combined with the the comical cuteness of a Robosapien. Back to the drawing board, scientists!
Robosapien still dances much better than Roomba.

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Obviously this blue part here is the land.

Anyone else notice this on May 13?
Hi Tony,

You should probably have a word with whoever colors your week-day strips. If you're going to go through the trouble of drawing a smidgen Iceland, they could probably do their best to stick to the generally accepted standard of blue water and green land.

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We received many entries to the F Minus Day contest, and randomly selected a winner from those who answered all the questions correctly. I'm proud to announce the winner is....
John in Florida!

John will receive an F Minus hat, the new F Minus book, and a drawing of the winner in F Minus style!
John also gave the most accurate and elaborate answers. Here's his answer to question number three:
Which comic featured the first appearance of ROBOBOT?: Wow what a loaded question. Well the first mention of ROBOBOT was on May 25 2008 where the Robobot movie was out and two kids walking out were complaining about the singing. Who knew it was a musical? Interestingly that robot looks eerily familiar to the canopener bot in September 27 2006 comic which later dances the Charleston on Sep 12 2007. It was not quite Robobot (this one had a round head while ROBOBOT's is clearly flat and it is also missing the square panel on his chest). But you can't deny that ROBOBOT (flat top and square chest and all) is destroying the neighborhood as wished by Tommy on Sep 30 2007. So that is the first appearance of the same looking robot, he just didn't have a name yet. I'm a big fan your robots.
Wow... I didn't even know all that. Good job, John!

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Back to work

Hey everyone, I've not blogged in a while because I was a little distracted... getting married! My beautiful bride Lindsay (she gets all of them) and I tied the knot on May 8th. You may have seen the related comic that day. Can you guess how many times I got asked "Did you remember to fill the gas tank?" at the reception?

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