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Mar 18, 2010

F Minus nominated for NCS award

It was announced today that F Minus has been nominated for a National Cartoonists Society division award: newspaper panel. So it looks like I'm going to New Jersey in May. I've never been, but I hear great things. Did you know it's the "Garden State"?

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Eric Olsen said...

holding...back...jersey shore...jokes....too easy....

congrats on your nomination!!

infinite lines on paper said...

congratulations, best of luck

TheBigLife said...

New Jersey in May?! Perfect timing: after the snow melts and before it gets too ripe. Congratulations!

timbotango said...

what do they grow there, smoke stacks?

Anonymous said...

Tony- That is just GREAT!!! You deserve it and I enjoy your panel every single day.They are ALWAYS hilarious. You are a genius :)..I am realy enjoying the writing in the TIMES PUBLICATIONS too. You are multi talented. Will be rooting for you!!!!!! Sue Breding Pfeffer :)