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Dec 17, 2007

Too much awesomeness for one year.

Nerd moment: If you need something to look forward to, 2008 will bring with it two of the most highly anticipated movies of the century. Granted, the century just got started, but still, the movies are gonna be great. Iron Man and the sequel to Batman Begins: The Dark Knight.

Edit: Check out this wonderful remix of the Batman trailer:

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Dec 16, 2007

Book Signing

The F Minus book signing at Changing Hands on Saturday was a big success! We had a great turnout, and it was fun meeting everyone. The store had sold out of books by the end of the second hour!Also, we found the # 1 F Minus superfan: Meet Jeff, who flew in from Minneapolis for the day, just to come to the book signing!
Minneapolis produces some seriously die-hard F Minus fans, so I think I'll probably need to do a signing out there in the future, maybe for book two.

Thank you to everyone that showed up! See if you can find yourself in this video slideshow of the event:

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Dec 14, 2007

Listening to the comics...

Okay, so radio might not be an ideal place to showcase comic strips, but hey, it's NPR!
Check out my radio interview with Rene Gutel on KJZZ, Arizona's NPR station. The interview will be on today at 3:44 and 5:44 pm on 91.5 fm.
Is that really what my voice sounds like? Yikes!

Don't forget about the book signing tomorrow!

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Dec 9, 2007

Tony Carrillo non è stupido né ignorante

One of the nicest things anyone has ever said about me. At least, I think it is. I don't speak Italian. I guess that makes me ignorant.
If someone out there speaks Italian, please double check this blog and make sure I'm translating it correctly.
I do know it's about my clock comic. Remember that debacle?

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Dec 6, 2007

Danger is my FIRST name!

The other day I was slicing some pepper-jack cheese and I cut my finger. It ruined my day.
Then it occurred to me that this job, (cartooning) is probably the least dangerous job I've ever had. When I worked at a restaurant I would cut, burn, and bruise myself all the time, and I would never think anything of it. When I worked at the zoo I was was always in danger of getting stepped on or kicked by a camel. At the airport if I didn't pay attention I could get run over by a plane, or sucked into an engine.
But this job? Sometimes I bump my shin on the coffee table. That's about it. I think it's softening me up. I've decided that on weekends I need to start doing dangerous things, like running naked through the desert, or challenging stray dogs to fight me. I'll let you know how it goes.

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