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Aug 25, 2010

Grocery Store Adventures

I need a better camera for when I go to the grocery store.
Looking for a product that will help you clear up some time in your busy schedule? Try the Banana Slicer. It will save you seconds, literally seconds, every year.

At first I thought the brand was Hustler.

Here we see the Grab-a-Bubble, a fun bubble toy for kids, hanging next to a... what is that? A bedazzled cigarette lighter? Not only that, it's been marked down to allowance-level prices.

This one's hard to read, I know. The outside of the greeting card says, "I'd like it better if you were better" and the inside says, "Way better!" A sugary sweet get-well card, right? Now imagine giving it to a perfectly healthy employee or significant other.

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Rocky said...

I like the card idea. Very subtle!

VBABE said...

That card is the awesome.

Those kitchen timeserver gadgets are great! and then you realize that it will take you longer to clean it than if you'd just used a regular knife. Not to mention the amount of space it takes up in your kitchen.

Jeff said...

The Banana Slicer is lame...but it would be funny in a comic.

Jeff said...

Ok, I have to admit, ever since I saw this blog entry. I h ave been looking for one of these Banana Slicers.