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Oct 3, 2010


Now that the good people at Pop-Tarts have started printing "edible" advertisements on the frosting, I think it's time they officially changed their name to Pop-Ups. Then I can install a pop-up blocker on my toaster, to make sure only Toaster Strudel makes it through.

While we are on the subject, my method of eating Pop-Tarts is to break off and eat the unfrosted edges first, then the frosted edges, and finally the middle. It's been my MO since I was a kid. Now I eat them upside down so I don't have to read about Nascar.

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Kiera said...

Funny, because I eat them the same way...but not really at all anymore since Toaster Strudels are so much better.

Leo said...

My MO is a little different. I start on the unfrosted end and eat toward the completely frosted end. This way the last bite is complete deliciousness.

I do like your new upside-down method, though. I may have to incorporate that also.

delayedshootingheadpains said...

Why would you want to AVOID reading about NASCAR? The nation's classiest pastime? I mean really.... we all know the last words to the national anthem is "gentlemen, start your engines."

Where is your patriotism?

Tsk tsk.