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Jan 2, 2009

Off to a good start

A sad sign of the times, my local paper The East Valley Tribune has stopped delivering to homes and will instead be just a free paper in news stands. I don't know if they are still running comics or not, but this is a major bummer because it was the only paper to carry F Minus on Sunday in my town. Now I'll be getting the Arizona Republic, which only carries the dailies. (what?)
One of the final issues of the Tribune carried this short, anonymous editorial: “Whether the Tribune stays or goes makes no difference. It’s still a good newspaper, all except for one little thing: The 'F-minus’ cartoon (stinks).”
I have a major gripe with this comment, and it's this: There is no hyphen in between F and Minus, okay people? "F-Minus" is a Southern California punk band that broke up in 2005. "F Minus" is my comic. Let's get this right.
I wouldn't be surprised if this anonymous (a.k.a. cowardly) comment was sent in by my whiny, emotionally fragile younger brother. You can read his inane rantings over at his blog: Mike The Middle Child.

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Jeff said...

Yikes, that is sad news Tony. On the other hand maybe more eyes will see the comic if its still in the paper and your fan base will GROW!

Jason said...

F-Minus is a little redundundent. Say it out loud, it's like "F minus minus."

Or WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destructions's).

Anonymous said...

The Albuquerque Journal has printed numerous letters to the editor along those lines, but the paper put the comic up to a vote against Sherman's Lagoon. Sherman's Lagoon won, but by such a close margin that they decided to keep them both. Good thing, they are both good. I have to say that as far as the Journal's selection goes, F Minus is my favorite.