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Jan 11, 2009

Do your part

With these troubling economic times, it's about time we all got together to try and solve this problem. Instead of putting your money in a savings account where it will do no good, how about giving the economy a shot in the arm and pre-order the new F Minus book! I insisted it be the same size as the first F Minus Book, so that they line up nicely on your bookshelf as a pair. I also insisted it be vanilla-lime scented, but I don't know if that's gonna work out.

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Abe said...

Talk about inflation! It's 3 cents more than the old book. I'm hoping I get my 3 cents worth of funnier.

Tony said...

Believe me, it's a good seventy five cents funnier, at least!


I'm going to buy the book and place it in a cozy but compromising position on my bookshelf. How do you feel about being on top of Brewster Rockit:Space Guy? Or would you rather have Calvin&Hobbes in front or behind you from some rear bookshelf action?

Antonio said...

I like the cover, and I always judge comic strip books by their covers.

Jeff said...

Well I will pre-order it at my local bookstore here in town. Congrats on having a second book, this is so cool. This will be the first book with my name it it also! Woohoo!