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Dec 4, 2008

The Sketchbook

On "idea days" I spend a lot of time doodling aimlessly. I have stacks of sketchbooks filled with random nonsense that my future children will be annoyed to inherit.
I don't like showing them because its somewhat like a window into my brain. But I thought I'd give you a peek just this one time. I don't know why there are so many skeletons on this particular page.
I recently bought a big pack of multicolored ultra-fine point sharpies, and it's really added a nice flavor to my formerly black and white drawings.

The sad thing is that a whole page of doodles like this may only yield one or two quality comic ideas. I guess it's not the most efficient method. I haven't really figured out an efficient method yet.
Any other doodlers out there?

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Jason said...

I have a bookshelf of sketchbooks. I filled them more often when I was in school (maybe one a month), now it takes two or three months per.

I really dig the Microns and the Faber Castell brush markers. Get a Micron in 01 and 08, plus the light cool grey Faber Castell brush pen and you can do some hott doodles.

Fountain pen and Micron 01 on trace paper looks really cool, too, for lineweights.

shane said...

1. i am a doodle junkie myself

2. brownie comic below = genius by Tom

4. yes i am a loser posting on friday night

Jeff said...

Hah, now that you've opened the window to your brain I have begun harvesting all of your powers to create the awesome comics! Now we these incredibly awesome skills I will make my own comic...I'll call it "A Plus"!

Anyway, off of my tyrant, that's pretty cool Tony, I remember you mentioning something like that, but it was neat to see a photo on how it all works.

rosym said...

I attempt to doodle whenever I can. I don't draw very well but oh well, I enjoy it anyways. I am going to take a sketching class whenever I find around around the Tempe area. Any recommended classes??

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like the new magnifying glass effect on comics.com!

Raquel said...

I doodle everywhere... paper, hands, the kids' faces at work; i don't know why the parents get so angry? I drew a killer skull & crossbones on little Olivia's neck & her mom didn't even thank me. The nerve!

Jeff said...

Okay, okay...I get the sketchbook. What else is going on Tony? You haven't posted anything all year, how were the holidays, how was ringing in the new year? Your comics have been exciting and funny as always.

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