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Jan 30, 2009

25 Things About Tony Carrillo:

1. As a child, I was attacked by the King of the Desert, the Great Horned Owl.

2. I can make a really loud clicking sound with my tongue.

3. I had a snake named Carl. He lived for about 13 years, escaped three times, and bit me once.

4. I played the saxophone for eight years in school. My sax has a naked lady engraved on the side.

5. My brother and I used to play "Houdini" in the swimming pool with a chain.

6. I am trained to be a police sketch artist.

7. I was once punched in the head while wearing a bear suit.

8. I won a blue ribbon at the state fair for a painting.

9. My comic strip is called F Minus but my blood type is A+.

10. I used to work the camel rides at the zoo. I had to tell the larger customers they were too large to ride the camel.

11. I've painted three murals. One was a life-size moose.

12. I tend to win raffles and drawings.

13. The best sandwich I ever had was at a grocery store in Florida.

14. I almost (accidentally) killed my dog with an arrow.

15. I have a list of the 5 worst smells I've ever smelled. Two of them are people.

16. I could eat cold cereal for every meal.

17. I was interviewed on MTV about stuff I knew nothing about.

18. Next month, I will be a brown belt in Kung Fu.

19. Some jerk stole my car, used all the gas, sideswiped another car, and abandoned it in Phoenix. I'm still driving it today.

20. I enjoy sneaking into VIP sections.

21. I have winged scapula (I can stick out my shoulder blades) and a variety of other freakish abilities.

22. I think and work best from midnight to four a.m.

23. I have very vivid dreams and nightmares. Some repeat, some pick up where they left off the night before.

24. I hate clowns.

25. I worked at the airport as a baggage loader. I once guided in a plane (you know, with the orange wands) full of passengers, even though I did not know how, was not supposed to, and was unsupervised. Everything went fine.

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Arun said...

gee, when's the next 25 coming up? :p

//" I am trained to be a police sketch artist" ! wow cool :D !
hey, ever done a police sketch gag for F Minus?

Chris said...

Hay, I can do that shoulder blade thing too!

Stella Tamzarian, Action Librarian said...

10. I used to work the camel rides at the zoo. I had to tell the larger customers they were too large to ride the camel.

You son of a bitch, that was you!!?? You were the one who told me that, "The camel already has a hump on its back, it doesn't need another one. Go away fatty."?

You better watch your back at the buffet table man.

Jesse C said...

wow. I've never heard of anyone else outside my family who can make the loud clicking sound with their tongue...

LWM said...

Man...I was loving your blog until this post. You disappoint me.

Hah, just kidding, I guess I can let this one slide...it's timely though that I read this entry today :-)

John said...

Hooray Publix cheesesteaks.

Jeff said...

Like I said on the "other" website, your fear of clowns is entertaining when it is in comic form!

On a random side note...these confirmation/verifcation codes are IMPOSSIBLE! I mean...what is "apfulawi" anyway!?!

Matt said...

#13 Best sandwich. Was it from Publix?

Alex said...

That's funny because you gave me the guts to place a similar list on the "other site" (too bad it's in french, someday I'll translate it for you Tony)

I also wrote that I've got a attraction/repulsion thing for clowns... I hate them since a long time.... in fact, It was one of my favourite disguise, and Pennywise is so cool : Beep Beep Richie!

Liz said...

I can do that shoulder thing too! My fiance thinks I'm a freak (not in a good way). I'm glad I'm not the only abnormal one!