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Jan 29, 2009

Superhero Day

On Feb. 28th from 11am-1pm Changing Hands is to putting together Superhero Day, an event for kids where they can dress up as their favorite superhero. From the Changing Hands website:
Matthew Connelly of McFarlane Toys offers an art demo and shares some cool gifts; Tony Carrillo, creator of the F Minus cartoon strip, stops by for a cartooning demo; Andrew Chorkey draws funny caricatures; and Roxanna Montoya of the Science is Fun program at Arizona State University hosts a fun activity with holograms. We’ll also make superhero masks!

I know what you're thinking: "F Minus isn't a superhero comic." Wrong, sir! Wrong! I think you're forgetting that stainless steel mechanical monster, ROBOBOT!!!
So here's the deal: Come to Superhero day dressed in a ROBOBOT costume, and the best one will receive a super cool ROBOBOT t-shirt, not yet available to the public. Even if you just put a kleenex box on your head and write ROBOBOT on the side, that counts. Who knows, if you're the only one to try, you'll win by default. Worth a shot, right?

Actually this guy has appeared a couple of times, whenever I needed a general superhero for a comic:He's got an F Minus logo on his chest, but I've never named him. What do you think? F Minus Man? Captain Failure?

Check out ROBOBOT's myspace profile and his Facebook fan club.

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Lindsay said...

I know! Super Man!

Tony said...

You just... you just don't get it, do you Lindsay? Ahhhgh!

John said...

I don't remember the actual context of when/how he appears, but I love the idea of a superhero named "Captain Failure."

Jeff said...

Captain Failure is pretty awesome Tony. This superhero day sounds pretty fun. But imagine TSA trying to let my on a plane with silver foil lined boxes trying to be robobot!

Anyway, I'd love to come and participate but the dangers are too real hopefully you get some nice costumes. Also, if that shirt goes on sale to the public let us know!

Chris said...

I love Robobot. He's my second favorite character behing World's Worst Grandpa. I think the F- superhero not having a name is better than Captain Failure. It would be a totally slacker/F- thing to do to not come up with a name and wander around with the F- and a cape.

Chris said...

Yeah I like F minus man.

sduff said...

Failman- a take on Doug's "Quailman"

or just name it Carrot Top- a comedian often associated with failure