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Jan 5, 2009

Garage Sailin'

I like garage sales. I like anything that involves rummaging. On a recent trip I purchased several tools for the garage, including a sander and some large clamps, Which my brother and I used to build a baby trap. (Trap and brother pictured below) The success at the sale inspired this comic:The comic then inspired this article by Lynda Hammond in the Arizona Republic, featuring yours truly.
Once I bought an old set of golf clubs at a garage sale, and inside the bag I found blueprints for a house and two Texas flags. Score!

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Ronald Frobnitz said...

*snorts* No wonder I became addicted to F Minus (no hyphen!) How couldn't I when the creator has such a strange, twisted mind? Your baby trap appears to be off to a good start, and it'd be absolutely fantastic to see a comic related to it at some point. I say this because I'd attempt my own badly drawn comic based on it, but my humor is only nonsensical. Not nonsensical *and* humorous like yours. Also, irregardless of what your brother's fine Greek-like physique looks like, you'll still be my favorite.

Jeff said...

That comic was very good. The idea of a baby trap does not surprise me Tony. But who's idea was it...from the sound of it I think your hiding something and it was actually your idea. I don't know your brother at all, so is it fair that a blame you. :)

Antonio said...

A Baby Trap? Where would you set such an apparatus?... Maybe at a busy mall where moms leave unattended babies crawling around. That I'd like a site to see.

Roni said...

THAT'S where those texas flags came from! i just pulled them out of my closet the other day. katie took one and i threw out the other, i hope you don't mind.

Tony said...

Nooooooooooooooo! My flags!