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Jan 24, 2009

This was the comic from January 19th:Today I found this article on the Onion:

Area Teen Up To Something

"Just look at him," said Bob Page, one of several men and women currently watching the 14-year-old from their living room window. "That boy's definitely up to something."

Does this mean I get to work for the Onion now? Please? Because that would be awesome.

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Stella Tamzarian, Action Librarian said...

Maybe I'm missing something. The kid in your comic is drunk right? That's the only time I've ever seen someone lean against a tree. While not menacing, it can be foreboding of horrible things to come.

Also I would rather work for the Weekly World News than the Onion. You have to be clever to work for the Onion, you just have to have an odd imagination for the WWN. I set the bar low.

Kimberly said...

It's like every edition of the BYU Police Beat!

Nov. 17: Police responded to a call reporting suspicious individuals with red paint. It was subsequently determined that these individuals were paint contractors who were painting a fence on campus.

-j said...

I'm both a police officer and a die-hard fan of F Minus. I cut this comic out of the local paper and hung it up in the report room at the station. It was a huge hit!

Thanks for all the laughs!