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Jan 29, 2009

A Tony Danza Sandwich

I was searching for the listing for the new F Minus book on Amazon yesterday. Check out the results:

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Jeff said...

Good thing it is #3. It'll be #2 or #1 soon as more people purchase it. When I saw this I was tempted to get the cook book, I mean its Tony Danza!!!

I will be getting my book over spring break in Florida, I need to find a place close to where I will be vacationing to pre-order it!

Lindsay said...

mmmmm tony danza sandwich

alirara said...

I am kind of dumb. I've been wanting the F- books but it never occurred to me to go on amazon and get them. I've just been faithfully searching the shelves of the bookstore here to see if they got some brains and stock them yet. Unfortunately they haven't. Fortunately you reminded me of the internet.