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May 28, 2008


If you haven't seen Robobot yet, you are missing out. He is 100% awesome! And for some reason he made it on to Comics I Don't Understand.

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Chet said...

I really want a ROBOBOT t-shirt

Tony said...

They're coming... stay tuned.

Duehicky said...

lol, you seem to be a repeat on that site. I don't think that person understands humor. After all, how could not think this is funny:
Click here for funny

Matt said...

I like when you send us to Comics I dont understand. Then i look at other things there. I am so confused as to why every Mutts comic strip is not on there. I read it everyday and dont get it at all. As far as shirts go I'd like an employee shirt from one of Franks many failed businesses.

Mark said...

I just read the Robobot strip, I'm catching up on my cartoon emails today, and I immediately thought the same thing as Chet, that I'd like a shirt with the Robobot movie poster on it. Glad to see that they're coming.