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May 7, 2008

Turtle Power

It has been proven many times over that I have some sort of incredible ability to predict the future with my comic. I now suspect that every day my comic mirrors some event going on somewhere in the world. Sometimes it even makes the news. It has gotten me in trouble before, but let's not dwell on the past.
Guess what, it happened again. Here is the comic that ran on May 5th:
And it just so happens that this headline appears in New Jersey on the same day: Body Floats in N.J. Canal, Gnawed by Turtles
Come on! Why me? Why was I given this terrible gift of precognition? Unlike last time, I didn't get any angry emails about this one. Whew!
Does everyone realize that I don't draw the comics on the same day they are printed?

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Alex said...

Geez... that like the guy in Heroes who paint future. It's freak.

Just think of all the others apocalyptic scenes : baby house invasion, stinging telegram, talking pets...

C said...

Ha! My family and I laughed and laughed at this one!
Just the night before, we had been discussing our turtles, Frog and Toad. When we put them in a new tank, they grow quickly to accommodate their new surroundings, so we are continually buying larger and larger tanks. My son suggested that we get rid of the tanks because they are stunting their growth, and perhaps we should let them roam the house freely to let them reach their optimum size. But then we wondered, what if they grew to accommodate the size of the house?
And what if they didn't like the food that we gave them...or maybe we weren't giving them enough food...
maybe like the cartoon....
Well, it's something to think about!

Jeff said...

Oh WOW, thats kinda creepy Tony. You've had this happen before?

At least you didn't get any nasty e-mails this time because of the timing.

Sweet Lou said...

Wasn't the last unfortunate prediction also made in New Jersey? And just a side note, both the predictive comics are particularly hilarious- but maybe that's just 'cause I know Mike..?

Anonymous said...

Can you draw a comic in which I win the lottery?