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May 16, 2008

Bad mothers and sandwiches

I present the Mother of the Year Award to the woman I saw screaming obscenities at her young son yesterday. I was coming out of McDonalds, (I know, it's my fault for even being at McDonalds, but they were giving away free sandwiches) and I see this little boy make a dash for a parked car and the mother behind him unleashes a stream of foul language I reserve for only the most frustrating traffic situations. "You f*** stupid ass! Don't run in the street! You want to get hit by a car you f*** idiot!", and so on.
Bravo, ma'am. I can already picture what your son will be like in junior high, and the first two years of high school before he drops out to go work at the very same McDonalds where you started this process. Then he'll get fired for coming to work drunk. I gave her a level two stink-eye and left.
By the way, McDonalds was giving away a free chicken sandwich with purchase of a drink, and they charged me for the sandwich! I had to go back in and get my money back. The dopey manager said, "Did you ask for it?" What, did I ask them not to charge me for the sandwich they are giving away FREE? Do I have to specify the price of everything on the menu? "Excuse me, I'll have a Dr. Pepper for $1.20, not three hundred dollars like you charged me last time."
Sorry, I'm irritable today.

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Shane said...

I randomly went to McDonalds and ordered the chicken sandwich. However, I had no idea they were giving them out for free.

I went there and ordered one because I heard they were good. At no point did anyone working there mention they were free that day.

I'm an idiot.

Lindsay said...

there are so many parent-child fights in parking lots these days. they should have designated spaces for trashy moms

alirara said...

that story about the mom makes me want to smack her. people like that shouldn't have children.