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May 21, 2008

Perfect Score!

That's right sports fans. I just scored a perfect 9 of 9 on the Simpsons softball quiz. Now it's your turn to prove yourself a true fan:

The Simpsons Softball Quiz

Score: 100% (9 out of 9)

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John said...

Me Too! Me Too!
Though blogger won't allow me to post the code it gave me to prove it. After seeing that I couldn't help but sing the song.
"We're talking softball, from Maine to San Diego. We're talking softball , Mattingly and Canseco. Ken Griffey's grotesquely swollen jaw, Steve Sax and his run in with the law. We're talking Homer, Ozzie and the Straw."

Anonymous said...

It was pretty easy if you've seen the episode...I love the older seasons of the simpsons! The new ones are still funny, but they don't come near the old ones!