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May 10, 2008

National Bike Month

May is National Bike Month, so it's time to get out and ride. I belong to an awesome bike gang here in Tempe that goes on night rides (it's too hot to ride during the day). We all ride cruisers, and we're not interested in going fast. We just patrol our territory and usually end up at a restaurant.
Below is the bike I got recently on Craigslist. It's a sweet ride.
I suggest your start a bike gang in your hometown. Just stay off our turf.

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Jeff said...


It was bike to work week last week in Iowa.

Now that I'm back in MN, I have been biking all around town to different places.

My favorite thing to do is goto a gas station and park next to a pump, and then say,
"Oops I don't need silly gasoline!" And then ride away while the people filling up are fuming as the $$$ increase.

Abe said...

I really miss the bike that scares kids. What happened to that one?

SkittleSkattle said...

Hey, what gang is that? I live in tempe and love your comic strip - it rules. you need to meet my friend sully - he has a terribly terrific disgusting sense of humor like you do. i bet you can get a lot of ideas just from hanging out with him. Anyway, i have a hot rod schwinn and would like to be part of the gang! cathilynnk@yahoo.com