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Jun 1, 2008

Honk if your Ameracan!

This made my day.

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Jeff said...

YIKES, thats a statement to make. I got my own for my new SMART Car. "Can't wait till gas is $5 a gallon" and thats been getting me some angry looks. I can't imagine what they are going through!

Mike Lynch said...

Funniest thing this month! Thanks for this, Tony!

Marek Bennett said...

Lanand of the FREE!

Raquel said...

hahahahahahaha. Idiots! Thank you for the birthday wishes. We are getting closer to 30, can you believe it?! So I love my iPhone, and I heard they are releasing a newer faster model with more GB. Jealous, but I take pride that I was one of the pioneers. The only downsides are not being able to take video without hacking into it & no MMS texting as in picture messaging. :( I just email all pictures to people... if everyone had an iPhone, we could all email all day because there's unlimited Data usage.

Happy Shopping!!!

Duehicky said...

i like that they spelled language wrong.