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May 28, 2007

Reubens Weekend

Here are some of the photos from the 61st Annual Reubens Convention in Orlando, Florida. I had a great time and it all went by much too fast.
Here's a view of the courtyard at the Ritz-Carlton. The weather was perfect.

When I arrived, I received a tote bag full of toys, comic books, etc. The type of thing you'd only get at a cartoonists convention.

The cocktail party begins.

This is Stephan Pastis and Erin Friedrich. Stephan won the award for best newspaper strip for his comic Pearls Before Swine. Erin works at Andrews McMeel Publishing and is working with me on the F Minus book, coming out this fall. By the way, how many cartoon legends can you find in the background? I count four so far...

Mark and I, with Rob and Amber Harrell. Rob's strip is called Big Top and he is also a painter and illustrator.

Mark Pett starts to lose himself in the music.

Lindsay and I at the award banquet. Behind Linz is cartoonist Sam Gross. He had the room next to mine and we met on our balconies. He informed me that he had decided to wear a jacket to the party. I was only a little bit afraid of him.

Mark Tatulli was nominated for best Newspaper Strip for his comic Lio. He also draws the strip Heart of the City. I had fun hanging out with Mark, and I got to meet his great family.

Hilary Price won the panel category for her strip Rhymes With Orange.

Kieran Meehan came all the way from Scotland for the awards. Check out his hilarious comic, A Lawyer, A Doctor, and a Cop

Two of my favorite people, Mary Anne Grimes and Lisa Klem Wilson.

My name was spelled wrong on the poster. Never a good sign.

Greg Evans, of the comic strip Luann.

Rick Kirkman of Baby Blues.

Jean Schulz, wife of legendary cartoonist Charles Schulz.

I got to sit next to Dave Blazek and his wife Eileen at the awards. Check out his comic Loose Parts.

Mike Lynch doesn't smile for photos.

Bill Amend wins the Reuben for Foxtrot

Gary Trudeau of Doonesbury

I'm looking forward to next year!

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Amelia said...

Nice pictures! Its weird putting faces to the comics I read.

Leslie said...

Great photos and nice smile! You & L looked terrific!!! You deserved to be there!!! However... I know it was a comics' convention, but did you really have to go and wear that kooky light fixture on your head with the 3 lampshades when you met Mr. Meehan?

erin said...

Great NCS photo blog, Tony! Thanks for including me! I so enjoyed meeting you and Linz and am glad y'all had a great first NCS weekend. Here's to bestsellers and a long publishing career together!

peace and toons,
e. (your humble editor)

Jeff said...

Thanks for the photos and links to other comics. F Minus is still the best comic out there!

Mark Anderson said...

Just be glad Lynch wasn't trying to kiss you! He gets "handsy" after a few...

Antonio said...

Thanks for posting these great pictures of all those cartoonists that we rarely get to see anywhere. By the way f-minus is one of my favorites . It's the strip that my eyes are always drawn to first. keep up the good work.