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F Minus is the daily comic strip by Tony Carrillo
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May 4, 2007

Here we go!

Hello! My name is Tony Carrillo. I am the creator, writer, and artist behind the daily comic F Minus, which is distributed by United Features Syndicate. This is the first of hopefully many F Minus blogs. Every weekend I plan on posting a comic roundup, where I will talk a little bit about the comics from the previous week; where different ideas come from, behind the scenes info, and letters I get about particular comics. I'll also use this blog to post F Minus news, events, and inane details of my life. Such as: Today I'm wearing mismatched socks.

For more F Minus fun, check out the F Minus Website, the F Minus Myspace Page, and get a full month of comics as well as a brand new F Minus every day at Comics.com.

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