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May 21, 2007


This is a blog entry that I posted about a year ago on my old blog. It's still relevant today so I thought I'd repost it for those who haven't seen it. Enjoy!

Hurting clowns, one day at a time.

This was the comic that went online yesterday:

It's no secret that I dislike clowns. In fact, I find them terrifying. Ever since I was a child I have mistrusted their ghostly white faces, painted smiles, and oversized shoes. Not to mention mysteriously deep pockets, full of items waiting to make loud noises, squirt water on you, or give you a mild shock. So it's not unusual that they appear in my comics often, usually in some sort of unfortunate situation. However, this comic was not really about hurting clowns, it was about an unusual new year's resolution. It really could have been anyone on the ground there. A lawyer, a fast food employee, a moose, whatever. I just happened to pick a clown. Anyone can see that.


Yesterday I received an email. I can still hardly believe it. Here it is, as I received it:

"About the clown laying on the ground and the guy standing above him with the boat oar in hand saying "Well, there goes my New Year's resolution", I don't get it! Are you saying there are those who like to beat up clown?
Since I am a professional clown and have been for over 16 years I take offense when anyone makes remarks of any kind to give anyone the idea of hurting one of us.
We work hard trying to help cheer up children. In fact thats why I got into clowning in the first place... (When my brothers and sisters and I was walked from the hospital down the streets of Houston to the circus by the Shriners ( we were in an automobile accident), to be cheered up by the clowns and the circus. I remeember how good it made me feel and how it brought one of my brothers out of his semi coma...) ...I wanted to be able to do the same for other kids.
Anyhow your cartoon maybe good at other times but this is the first time I've seen it and it upset me so much I thought I would relay my hurt to you."

Okay, it's me again.
First of all I think it's odd that the plural form of clown is simply, "clown". As in, "Oh look, a flock of clown. Let's cross the street to avoid them."
Second: Parenthesis within parenthesis? Come on!
Also, what is a semi coma? Isn't that just sleepy?

Anyhow, this particular clown seems to think that I am racist against clowns. And you know what? Maybe I am. Okay, maybe to sick children clowns are funny and lift their spirits. That's fine. But to healthy children like me, clowns are just scary.

Please note that I do NOT advocate clown violence. Besides, we all learned from Steven King's novel IT that nothing can kill a clown anyway.

But here's the weirdest part. The same day this comic ran, I was driving down the road and saw a super-creepy clown crossing the street! Just walking around like a normal person! Why do these things happen to me?

John Wayne Gacy
Killed over 30 people

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1 comment:

John R said...

Clowns scare the Be-jezus out of me. If I was in a coma however I probably wouldn't mind a clown being there. I guess we are all right! ...well, except the clown guy... I guess just Tony was right.