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May 4, 2007

F Minus Weekly Roundup 4-23

Click here to read the comics from April 23 through the 29th:

I received more mail about the chimpanzee comic on Thursday than anything else. People like chimps! They are also fun to draw because they are so similar to humans. Is there anything funnier than chimps doing people things? I can't think of anything. Check out this video.

Yes, that is me in the police sketch on Tuesday, which a few people noticed. I think it's the third time I've drawn myself into a F Minus. The sketch artist in the comic is Karen T. Taylor, who is a forensic artist and instructor. I was lucky enough to take a few of her classes. You've probably seen some of her work on America's Most Wanted. She wrote a great book on Forensic Art which you can find on Amazon.

April 25th was Administrative Professionals day! Someone emailed me convinced that Deborah (from Wednesday's comic) is based on his wife of the same name, who is also a secretaaa...administrative professional.

Hate Mail! Somebody emailed me expressing their dislike for the "heart-attack" comic on Monday. I'm guessing he recently had a heart attack, or he knows someone that had a heart attack, or perhaps he was actually stabbed by a guy in a heart costume. I'm afraid I just have to accept that any topic I draw a comic about is bound to coincide with the lives of a few of my readers in some unfortunate way. (I've had entire cities hating me because of this, but I don't want to talk about it.) If I draw a comic about a giraffe, some guy somewhere in the world will read it and get offended because his child was recently abused by a giraffe. What can I do?
note: I probably won't ever do a comic about giraffes because they are tall and wouldn't fit in the "widescreen" format of F Minus. A dead giraffe, maybe.

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Aaron said...

I've had a heart-attack, and I thought it was funny. Keep on keeping on. F it up!

Rich said...

My Giraffe died while I was reading your blog and I am deeply offended. :)

Keep up the fantastic strips, your simple art with complex humour is up there with Red Meat in the great comics stakes as far as I'm concerned.

beckbot said...

I was really upset by the people riding a giant bunny through the desert. My saintly Grandmother perished in a tragic giant bunny accident in Palm Springs. How dare you!

The Middle Knox said...

The heart comic was one of my favorite!

I'm a huge fan!
Keep on keepin on

Jimmy said...

I've had entire cities hating me....

Oh, no. You're talking about Philly, aren't you? We still love you.


kyLe said...

F Minus is awesome, I go to ASU and read your comics every day, and now that it's summer vacation I read them in the AZ Repulic. Good job Tony!

Amelia said...

Good idea having a blog describing your comics. By the way, the heart attact totally bothered me as well. I have an extreme fear of men in heart costumes stabbing people! hahah!