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Mar 1, 2009


I had a great time at Superhero Day at Changing Hands. The place was already packed with kids by the time I got there. I started drawing at eleven a.m. and didn't stop until about one thirty. I was drawing the kids as superheros. They got to pick their own power. Most wanted to fly or have super-strength. One girl wanted super-swimming power. Another kid wanted to be a mad scientist. (Future super villain) But the most requested power was the ability to create fire, either shooting from the mouth or hands, or to ignite the entire body. Sounds like the fire marshal is due for another assembly at the local schools.

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Sabai said...

i wonder if there's some comic book artist confidentiality agreements that you have to be worried about? like doctor/patient or priest/sinner.

If these kids want to be Aryan man or something, do you have to tell someone?

Anonymous said...

Wow that sounds awesome. Made me think of the opposite (old people heroes). Like I wonder if Captain Accuracy would become an insurance adjuster after his crime fighting days were over.