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Feb 25, 2009

The F-mobile

Today there was a story about F Minus and the new book in The State Press, the student newspaper at Arizona State University, where F Minus began. It included this photo of yours truly, sitting on my car (where I do most of my cartooning): It reveals my F Minus license plate. Sometimes I wish I had a cooler car to attach it to than my 98 Toyota Corolla, with the broken door handles, hanging ceiling fabric, and the spiderweb cracks in the windshield. I will, however, drive this car until it falls apart around me on the highway and I'm sent skidding down the road with nothing but a seat and a steering wheel.
That license plate often draws attention and questions from my fellow motorists. I will often get emails from strangers saying they saw me driving around and tried to wave me down. More than one has claimed that the reason they couldn't get my attention was that they couldn't keep up with me. One even said I drove "like a bat out of hell". I find this hard to believe because I drive like a grandma in a city she's not used to.
Apparently the Police agree with them:

So if you see me driving around,(and you're not a cop) feel free to wave. If I flip you off, don't feel bad. I just misunderstood.

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Roni said...

Yeah, you didn't tell me you were going to be in the State Press. It was weird seeing you in all the news stands...

Lucky said...

Awesome post, Sir. I LOL'd a couple times.

Alex said...

Perhaps it was for the cheap car and not for speed limit... like an advice : "change your car"

And maybe folks who want to get your attention should be disguise in clown, and then, try to dodge your car?

Jeff said...

I should have gotten this plate for my smart. It would be PRICELESS!!!