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Mar 3, 2009

Butt what?

There was a little alteration in the caption of today's comic, and I thought you might be interested. Here's what you all read today:
Here is my original, before being wisely adjusted by my editors:
Even my version is pretty tame, but they gently reminded me that newspapers would frown on what was being suggested. Although I didn't want to seem too anal, we decided to rear back, and leave it a little more open ended, and let the readers fill it in themselves, so I don't end up looking like an ass.

In my original drawing, all three of them were all naked as well.

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Jason said...

hahahaha! Awesome!

I liked today's even before I read this.

Lucky said...

Rectum? He nearly killed 'em.

Lindsay said...

I actually think their new idea is more racy

bman said...

This was possibly the best answer to editing... ever. Nice.