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Mar 9, 2009

Oh I get it... they're ants.

The ant comic is being discussed over at Comics I Don't Understand. Anyone else not get this one?

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Sabai said...

yeah, i didn't. sorry. Even though all it probably takes is a 1st graders knowledge of entomology to get the joke, I can't remember anything I learned in school, so I couldn't instantly recall the mating habits of ants.

Jason said...

Ants, thousands of ants... What's not to get?

Senior Saint said...

I didn't fully understand at first. Why does ants saying this make it funnier?
The thread clearified some.

jessica said...

I don't get the blankets one from Tuesday - first F-Minus I didn't get.

Jeff said...

I guess it was a bit more sophisticated that it was intended to be.

Also, I cannot wait for book #2!!! <1 week to go!

bman said...

Ha! It's funny cause their ants... they don't really have a choice at all in their birthing preferences! And the Queen just poops out babies until she dies! Ha!

It's even funnier that people don't get it, frankly. It's a simple joke and people are looking WAY too far into it.

Nice one.