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Mar 6, 2009

Sledge Time!

I mentioned on my Facebook page that I've been doing a lot of sledgehammering lately, and my friends seemed to enjoy that idea. So I made a run to my local thrift store and put together this video of sledge action. Have four minutes to waste? Come on, you know you'll be wasting a lot more than that today.

Isn't it weird that those people gave a framed photograph of themselves to a thrift store? Still, I'm glad they did.

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Roni said...

Everyone at the office appreciates when you post videos in this format, its the only kind we have access to.

Chris said...

You should make a youtube series about that. Kinda like "will it blend"

Antonio said...

This is really funny.There are so many things that need sledge hammering,like the The Bush Doctrine.

Jason said...

will it blend!!!!!

"Raquetball. Will it blend?"

"iPod. Will it blend?"

Arun said...

hehe awesome !!! :D
cant wait for episode 2 of sledge time...

Anonymous said...

I think you have started a trend!

Saw it this morning on CNN, a Bernie Madoff figurine that comes with a hammer. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7898919.stm

Actually, a lot of people leave their photos behind in home foreclosure when they kick into survival mode.


Could you not at any point in this video worked in the most obvious theme song for such destructive shenanigans.....Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel??!?

What about Percy Sledge? Or Sister Sledge?

You need to hire me for all your future Sledge Time soundtrack needs. I've already worked up something magnificent to introduce to Kroger's radio to replace their nauseating "All Sad Sack Songs To Make You Want To Commit Suicide In The Middle Of The Rat Poison Aisle" in-store music.

Jeff said...

The little "Sledge Time" animation is priceless. I also kinda liked that Golf Man.

I'm looking forward to Episode #2.

Sweet Lou said...

Tony, that was some sweet sweet comedy- as always. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Destroying the children's bike helmet like that was terrible....I loved it! :D