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Mar 16, 2009

Go Devils!

On March 26th, I'll be on Hayden Lawn at Arizona State University with The State Press, the independent daily paper where F Minus was born. I'll be there signing the new F Minus book, or class overrides.
It was fun working at the student newspaper on campus, because it was a hub of information. Every hour someone would hang up the phone and say "There's free pizza on Hayden Lawn!" or "There's a fight in front of the MU!" or "That naked guy is back!" One semester I painted a mural in the fire escape of the basement newsroom. I probably wasn't taking very many credit hours... Here's what it looked like before I painted it: I decided to paint a cityscape so the reporters would feel like they had a view from a tall building instead of a poorly ventilated basement. Okay, it's not a masterpiece, but keep in mind I was kneeling in this for several hours:I've heard the State Press newsroom is moving to the downtown Phoenix campus, so I don't know what will happen to the mural. Maybe I'll break in and re-paint it to look like a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

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Sweet Lou said...

That would be sooooo sweet if you did. I would break in and look at it at least once before I graduate.

Camilla said...

I need a doctor's excuse signed - can you help me with that? What time will you be on Hayden lawn?

Stephanie said...

I had no idea it was you who painted that! I always enjoyed looking at it during the long hours I spent making page edits to the magazine.

Hope all is well,
Stephanie Berger