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Feb 4, 2008

What the...

I was just watching a Simpsons re-run, and saw Principal Skinner react to one of Bart's pranks by saying, "What the F Minus?"
I've never seen that before! Are there any Simpsons nerds out there with some insight on this line?

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Kevin M. said...

I suppose I might be the Simpsons fan you're looking for. That line is from season 17, episode 11, called "We're on the Road to D'ohwhere." It aired January 29, 2006. The line was probably written months earlier, so I doubt you can call shenanigans. A nifty one-liner, for sure, anyway. :)

Tony said...

Thanks Kevin! I'm not suggesting shenanigans. In fact I assumed the line came before my F Minus. I'm just wondering where they came up with it.

eacop said...

hmmm, well I would guess that he said the line to Bart, who I suppose could be considered his nemesis. Bart gets notoriously low grades, hence the F . . . minus? Ha,even if he wasn't talking to Bart, I assume the writers of the show were just trying to drive home Skinner's position as school principal by turning "what the f" into an educational pun.

Those later simpsons just ain't as good as the early stuff. 'Member do the bartman? ahhh, such a classic: