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Feb 25, 2008

Barry Joins Distinguished Group of Extinguished Toons

Death of F Minus character expected to be "less emotional than Grandpa (Family Circus), more emotional than Bill the Cat (Bloom County)."

Tempe, Arizona:
Asok ("Dilbert"), Mort Park ("Rudy Park"), Lisa Moore ("Funky Winkerbean")-- these are just a few of the comic strip characters that have recently met their makers, according to an article in Editor & Publisher last week. The story highlights the news of "Big Hat Barry," a F Minus character scheduled to die at the end of the week.

In 2007, the AV Club listed some of the more memorable deaths in cartoon history. Barry is expected to fall somewhere within the top 75 most important syndicated comic strip character deaths. Exactly where on the list he will end up is a hot topic on the world wide web. Also in question is the impact the event will have on the nation.

"I'm using this event as a learning experience for my kids." says local parent, Janae Cooper. "We bought a goldfish to teach them about life and death, but the darn thing won't die! So we're going to talk about Barry instead."

Heated discussion about the death of Barry rages on at The Daily Cartoonist, a cartoon industry news blog.

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Lucas Turnbloom said...

Damn straight it's heated! How could you do this to Larry! Uh, I mean Barry!!


Abe said...

It is hard for me to read F- this week. I keep wondering "is today the day that Barry gets it?". It's a bit like Russian roulette.