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Feb 4, 2008

Pretty Good Bowl

The Super Bowl just left town, and since I forgot to get tickets, I went to a celebrity football game instead. After waiting for an hour to get in I didn't feel like sitting in metal stands, so I decided to sneak into the VIP section. Since I didn't have a fake pass or staff shirt with me, I pretended to be on the phone and walked confidently past security. Confidence works better than a pass around your neck most of the time.
The VIP section had comfortable white couches that were marked with the names of different companies. I sidled up next to some guys from Pontiac and pretended they were my good friends. The security guard in the red jacket knew I was up to something, so I moved back a section.
In about two seconds I realized that I was in the Playboy section. I clearly did not belong here, and the ladies knew it. Since my options were blend in or get kicked out, I moved over one more section. After pretending to be part of the TV crew for a while, the game finally started and I settled down into an unoccupied couch. I was surrounded by random celebrities and very important looking people.The game was fun. It was hosted by Maria Menounos and included David Spade, Stacey Keibler, Matt Leinart, Kendra Wilkinson, Kim Kardashian, Warren Moon, Pete Wentz, and more. I know, I had to look some of them up too. But there was one guy I recognized right away... Wee-Man!
I sat next to Wee-Man for most of the game. Of course he was dressed as an Oompa-Loompa. I also met Terry Crews from Everybody Hates Chris...
After the game there was a concert by Fall Out Boy.
They were good, but their biggest fan was clearly this woman, who I call "Embarrassing Mom":

Good bye, Super Bowl. I'll miss you.

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Jeff said...

Wow, nice going Tony! Yes confidence is key in many situations. When you sat by the Pontiac group you should had made car revving noises with them to fit in. But anyway nice going with that event, I hope it was fun!

Cindy Carrillo said...

Oh, great, making fun of embarrassing moms again! Hey, we have a long, and proud tradition to maintain! Yes, this is YOUR embarrassing mom.

Jeff said...

Tony, that was your Mom in the video? How could you post an embarrassing video of your Mom! Heh, nice to see a post for your Mom on the blog!...By the way that video is a "classic" example! By the Way, keep up the good work on the comics!

Cindy Carrillo said...

NO! it is NOT me! I have done some dumb things but that isn't one of them.