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Feb 21, 2008

F Minus Creator To Kill Off Character

Tempe, Arizona-- Tony Carrillo, the creator of the daily comic strip F Minus, revealed that one of his characters will be "killed off" next week. The nature of the death is unclear, and a cryptic statement by Carrillo has drawn much speculation:
"The ultimate goal of my comic strip is to bring attention to important issues, and that includes the danger of oversized hats."
The identity of the doomed character has yet to be revealed.

F Minus is a single-panel comic that appears daily in about 125 newspapers.

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Shane said...

Hmmm, is there speculation? Blind date Barry with the big hat? I don't see him as a recurring character. If you kill off Office worker Ron with the X-ray specs, you and I are going to have a problem my friend. A bad one.

Matt said...

I hope it's not the worlds worst Grandpa.

Abe said...

I hope it is like Star Trek, where we will only see that doomed character in one "episode". I'd miss beanie bad guy.

Sabai said...

$5 on creepy old hobo.

KungFuPiggy said...

Please don't kill the world's worst grandpa.
Let it be a clown.

Nathan said...

OH God!
If it's the grandpa or the creepy hobo, I'll be upset.

alirara said...

Yeah worlds worst grandpa are some of my favorite ones. Please don't let it be him!

eacop said...

Oh my, if it's creepy hobo I might just cry.

World's Worst Grandpa said...

I ain't goin' nowheres! I do fourteen knee-pushups every morning! does that sound like something that a guy who's about to die would do? Ha!

Jeff said...

I hope its not the "Frank" business owner that always had a failing business (ex. the BIG wallet) It would be funny to see him fail at another business ploy though.

Dallace said...

Hank, whose triple coupon conundrum has hilariated (real word?) millions worldwide and will live on for eons to come.