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Feb 21, 2008

Update: Imminent Death of "Big Hat Barry" confirmed

News of impending death draws criticism, apathy.
Tempe, Arizona-- After a frenzy of rumors flooded the internet, F Minus creator Tony Carrillo decided to reveal which of the estimated 800
F Minus "characters" would die next week. His name is Barry, but he has been referred to as "Big Hat Barry" and "Blind Date Barry". His signature trait is a carnation worn in his lapel.

It is still unclear how Barry will meet his end, although it has been indicated by Carrillo that it may have to do with an oversized hat. For years, Carrillo has sought to raise awareness of the dangers of wearing unusually large hats for the purposes of fashion, sport, or otherwise.
The first and only appearance of the unfortunate character was in September of 2006. The comic (seen below) suggests that Barry was a spirited single in his mid-thirties, and active in the dating scene. Reaction to the news has been mixed.
I think I remember that guy."
-Doug, Des Moines, IA

"Aren't comics supposed to be cute and funny? Why can't they just be about kitties? My neighbor's sister was seriously hurt by a big hat!"

-Jen, Cleveland, OH
"I hope Carrillo continues this shift towards a more serious F Minus. There's not enough seriousness in the funny pages if you ask me. People need to "heavy up".
-Winston, Milwaukee, WI
"I just wish it was the Creepy Old Hobo. I hate that guy."
-Blaine, St. Louis, MO

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Shane said...

Um, yeah.

So uh, what do I uh..GET for guessing Big Hat Barry, or as I referred to him yesterday as Blind Date Barry. I'll take that old timey bicycle you ride on your profile page. The one with the light. Of course I'm going to rip that light right off and put a deaths head insignia on the front. I'll be looking it for it sometime next month. Make sure you clean it up.


Jeff said...

Wow, who wouldda thought? Blind Date Barry! Well I'm sure his death will get some controversy for sure. Also, 800 characters? Thats impressive!

Katie said...

I love the creepy old Hobo, and his Grapefruits!