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Feb 18, 2008

Book Smarts vs. Stupid Smarts

Here is an email I received this morning, and my reply:

Dear Sir:
...I’m 26, and I’m from Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve read a little bit about your strip and your background online. I must say, I have read your strip for several months now and never laughed (nay, smiled) even once. This especially puzzles me since it would seem I am squarely in your target demographic. Am I missing something? Your strip is so consistently nonsensical it boggles my mind. (By the way, I’m a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of a private college, so I like to think I can puzzle this stuff out). Could you please explain it to me? Thank you.
Just hit “reply”

Howdy howdy friend! I'm glad you explained how to reply to your email, cuz I kept clicking random buttons but nothing happened! Anyways, I think I know what the problem is... you're too danged smart! See, I'm no Pie Butta Katta graduate like you. I went to a public college (yuck!) and before that I went to the Southwest School for Stupid Boys. We learned how to scrawl simple pictures and things like that. We never did no puzzle solvin' like at your fancy school.
You need to read stuff for smarter people! Stuff like newspapers and owner manuals and no-picture books. F Minus is just too dumb for a smarty-pants like you!
From, Tony
Now how do I send this dang thi....

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Cindy Carrillo said...

Oh man, I needed a good laugh today, besides todays' FMinus of course.

Abe said...

I feel a bit dumb now. I went to a public school and was also in Phi Beta Kappa. I never attended the meetings or really went to any of the fund raisers/slave labor parties. More or less I just worked and studied while in school. Some how I get around 99% if the jokes on F-. Perhaps it is because I am 4 years older/wiser than the fellow who wrote? Perhaps I ate too many lead paint chips as a kid? Maybe I have a sense of humor? Maybe I don't quite fit into a demographic? Perhaps because I don't even put PTK on my resume and feel resentful that college was just a good way to give me $50k worth of debt and put me 4 years behind in the work force.

Shane said...

Um ok, Abe. Take a deep breath....

Jeff said...

NICE response Tony! I love your replies to e-mails! Thanks for sharing.

Arun said...

heh priceless !!! :D

Andrew said...

tony, lol!

Camilla said...

Jeff! Did you see your super awesome spot on tv? It was rad!
Hope you're well. xoxo