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Apr 17, 2008

Duncan D. Owns This Town

I got to spend F Minus day in Boston, and I'm having a great time, although I've noticed something strange about this city. It has more Duncan Donuts than anywhere else in the world. I saw three between the airport and the hotel, and about ten total. Two were right across the street from each other. Weird.
We spent most of the day just walking around the city, and in the evening saw our friend Kara perform in the Barber of Seville. Yep, I know a real opera singer. So I can cross that off the list of people to know.
By the way, did you know Boston had this?:It's true, I saw it.
I'm looking forward to getting some wicked good chowdah tomorrow. And testing whether or not the natives like my Boston accent.
Come to the Book Signing Saturday!

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