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Apr 8, 2008

Boston Book Signing

News! I will be in the Boston area on Saturday, April 19th, signing F Minus books at Magpie. We'll start around 2 o'clock, and I'll be available for a couple hours. Although they are actually an art/craft shop, they will have F Minus books available for purchase. Check this map for directions.

For more on the F Minus book, click here.

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Jeff said...

I don't think I'll be able to make it to this one for the day...Sorry Tony. I hope its as successful as the last book signing. Hope to see you in Minneapolis some day for a signing!

Kristen said...


Camilla said...

i'm SO going to this. anyone who doesn't go is probably commie who hates children. and puppies.

alirara said...

That's so exciting Congratulations!! I'm uber happy for you and it's in Boston! It just shows that F Minus is like, one of the best comics ever (because it is). Oh I love Boston, probablly my favorite city ever! Make sure you ride the subway because they don't have those in Arizona and they are way fun. And there is so much history (yeah i'm likea history nerd) and you should definately go to the beach. I love it. And Salem that place is so cool. Mass is like so amazing yeah! I'm going to butcher this but I think its like Feneuill Park...I think it's park but I could be wrong it has all these food places inside and then there are like street performers outside and places to buy things I bought shorts that say Boston on the butt. Oh I'm super jealous of you.

Lindsay said...

Magpie rocks! Can't wait to party with the Bostonians!