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Nov 8, 2007

Travel Blog 1

Right now I'm at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport about to board a flight to Washington DC. I've never been there and, being kind of a nerd, I'm excited to see some historical sites. It's 11 p.m. and the flight doesn't take off until after midnight.
I used to work here at the airport and I think that's why I don't get as excited about travel as I used to. It was the worst job I ever had. And I used to scoop camel poop at the zoo.
I'm watching a close game between the Dallas Mavericks and the Golden State Warriors, and taking advantage of the airport's free internet. If anyone has a suggestion of what I should see while I'm here (aside from the obvious: White House, Lincoln memorial, nation's largest IHOP) let me know.

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Katie said...

(Im an '07 ASU Graduate from VA and have been enjoying your comics faithfully from State Press to syndication!)

Free fun:
1.Smithsonian Natural History Museum (Hope Diamond and lots of other cool stuff, perhaps you could find an awesome comic idea in here)
2.Air and Space Museum
3.National Zoo, the orangutans and Pandas especially
4.Sometimes there are cool things going on on the Mall (which is the big grassy outstretch)

There's a ton more, pretty much all the smithsonians are awesome, but the above are my favorites.

Timothy said...

The Smithsonian is the perfect stop and extreme waste of time. The American History museum is perfect for anyone who isn't even into museums, because where else is the Fonz's jacket considered historic... only Ehhhhhhhmerica. Also don't forget the Air and Space Museum, because food always tastes better (and creamier) when it's freeze dried.

marksamuelson said...

"Nation's largest IHOP"? Are you serious? I'd be more interesting in seeing that, than the Whitehouse,...and I'd bet a lot of other people probably feel similarly. That'd make an interesting survey question. Though it would have to be paper survey, ..kind of done anonymously; I think people would be shy to admit that they would rather see the Nation's largest IHOP over the Whitehouse. And curious, with the qualifier "Nation's" expressed (as in "Nation's largest IHOP), is there a larger IHOP elsewhere outside the U.S. ..if so where?

Jeff said...

Cool Tony, did you know I went to Washington DC for lunch one day...Thats right I flew out of Des Moines Airport at 7am, got to DC around 11 am, saw the monuments, got some lunch, flew home. Hope you trip is awesome.