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Nov 9, 2007

Travel Blog 2

After the most uncomfortable plane trip of all time (thank you, Delta), we finally arrive in DC. I'm on no sleep and although it's seven pm, if you told me it was midnight or noon and I would believe you.
After checking out the Washington Post, stopped and ate at the Post Pub, which had an awesome hamburger called The Diplomat. Also, I hadn't eaten a real meal in about 12 hours, but I'm pretty sure I would have loved it anyway. They had paper copies of The Onion, which I've only read online.
Walked south a few blocks to the White House. I have to admit, even though it sounds corny, I was kind of in awe when I saw it. It definitely makes the statement "Someone important lives here." Now I realize that my home makes the statement, "Chinese food menus welcome."
Here's a photo of me not expecting the photo to turn out because it was so dark:

After stopping for something warm to drink (it's chilly and a little rainy), I checked to see if the local Borders carries the F Minus book. Nope. No wonder this country is going down the toilet, am I right people?
Definitely going to get an early start tomorrow on the National Mall. I'm looking forward to the Smithsonian. In the meantime, thanks for the travel tips, and keep them coming.

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Jeremy Kelly said...


I believe the American History Museum is closed. I was back in D.C. in June, and it was then. If you get a chance, the Library of Congress' Jefferson building is really cool.

Also, if you get a chance, I'd recommend going up to Baltimore for a day. It is a way cool city.

I Love D.C.! Let me know if you want any more suggestions.

Jeff said...

Visit the shopping mall in Pentagon City, near the airport. You can visit it via the metro. Cool stores in there if you get bored. Otherwise infiltrate the Pentagon with your comics, maybe the War in Iraq will change course?!?