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Nov 20, 2007

Travel Blog 4

Okay, I kind of left you all hanging because I got tired of paying for internet every day. The rest of the trip went great though. The Lincoln memorial was really impressive. And we got to hear a speech by Colin Powell at the Vietnam Memorial because it was Veteran's day. We checked out the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution at the National Archives. I got yelled at for touching the glass.
Another cool place is the
International Spy Museum. They had some pretty fun stuff, but I went late in the day and they rushed me through. We really wanted some good seafood, but the place recommended in the guidebook doesn't exist anymore. The food at the next place we tried was good, but expensive and had very small portions. It's not good when at the end of your meal, you're more hungry than when you went in. We had to go for pizza afterwards. I should always start with pizza. Thanks to everyone that sent travel tips. I wish I could have seen everything, but you can only do so much in three days. As fun as it was, I'm glad to be home.
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