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Oct 24, 2007

F Minus Weekly Roundup: 10-15

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10-15: I feel I need to explain why I'm making fun of St. Louis, and
will probably continue to do so.
Last Christmas I did a comic that mentioned St. Louis. The comic didn't have anything to do with the city, it just sounded right in the caption. Completely random choice. However, some St. Louisan sent me an angry letter (an actual letter) that criticized my ignorance of his city and listed some of the positive things St. Louis has to offer (mainly the baseball team).
While I have nothing against St. Louis, I do have something against letter-writers. So in the future, if I feel the need to make fun of a city, it will probably be St. Louis.

10-16: I've been selling some old junk on Craigslist lately, and that's what gave me this idea. It's weird how willing some people are to take completely worthless crap from strangers.

10-18: I don't know what an automatic bench-warmer would look like, but I'm guessing it runs on clean, efficient propane.

10-20: I was in Las Vegas, and I was wandering around in the Bellagio, when I noticed a crowed gathering behind a velvet rope that someone had used to block off a courtyard area. Everyone was standing around looking into the courtyard. Nothing was happening, so I started asking what everyone was looking at. Nobody seemed to know. Lesson learned: Put up a velvet rope, and people will gather.

10-21: This is the real Beverly:

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Studio Carey said...

the cold war comic was the best.

and Beverly, looks exactly like my cat.


Justin Adler said...

Funny how this Beverly looks nothing like the Beverly who was picking up sea shells from the floor of the Red Sea. I'm catching on to you using the same name in every other Sunday comic.