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Oct 17, 2007


Look what I found! Can you believe someone was just throwing this out? If you're anything like my girlfriend, your answer is "Yes. Why aren't you throwing it out?" But she let me use her car to bring it home anyway.
I foresee some ship-related comics in our future!

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Mike said...

its...*tear*... beautiful...

Colin said...

I am so jealous :-(

Ketaki said...

Oooh, niiice!

Tony said...

(whisper) "I want that."

fritha said...

Hi Tony,
I am a mom of three (27, 22, 13 years old) and a teacher of emotionally impaired kids who really are very smart but have been through the ringer in life and are fighting it every step of the way. I just found you on Stumble and could not quit reading your stuff. My students and my own children will get a kick out of your work as their wit is very similar. Have you tried marketing to every college in the nation? Your work is brilliantly witty.